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How to Choose the Right Bong Online For You?

Have you got bored with old vaping devices? Do you want to use a new form of devices for smoking cannabis? You can use a bong. Basically, a bong is a water-filtered device that provides a clean and smooth smoke. However, when one starts to buy bongs online, one would get to see them in different styles and shapes. With so many designs available, the search for a bong becomes a Herculean task.

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Choosing the Right Bong

If you are thinking about buying a bong and you are a little bit confused, there’s nothing to freak out. This blog will guide in your search for the right smoking device, i.e. the bong.


Style of Bong

Before buying a bong, one would need to take a look at the different styles. One can choose from the straight tube to recycler to beaker bongs. Those who want to opt for a dense and clear smoke should go for straight tube bongs. On the other hand, beaker bongs offer more volume and less dense smoke. However, recyclers are ideal for smoking concentrates.


Other Things That Needs to be Considered

Well, there are many other pointers which need to be considered when buying bongs online. They are mentioned below:

Glass Thickness

The thickness of the bongs is very important. It can adjudge the longevity of the bongs. It is an obvious fact that if the thickness of the glass is more, it is always a better option. After all, if the bong is going to be kept in a single room, it can be kept safe. Alternately, bongs with thick glass become necessary if it’s going to be kept in a room where 4-5 people stay together.

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When you buy bongs online percolators deserve special attention. Although there are no definite winners, preferences vary from one individual to another. However, when looking for percolators, two things should be considered. They are:

  • The amount of drag it provides by pulling the smoke through the tiny holes.
  • The smoothness obtained from the filtration. 

However, one should not opt for a percolator with too many bongs in it. It’s because the chamber won’t get cleared of the drags very easily.


Another important consideration which shouldn’t be overlooked when you buy bongs online is the joints. Usually, the joints are available in two different sizes, 14mm and 18mm. Although there are many other sizes available, it would be better if one purchases bongs with same size joints. After all, even if the downstem breaks down, one would be able to match the parts with the bong.


Smoking aficionado can buy bongs with some added parts, such as Ash Catcher, Splashguard, Ice Pinch, etc. Even though it is not required, it can be an added advantage.

When you are planning to buy bongs online for the first time, it would be better if one starts with a beaker bong. Alternately, straight tube bongs can be used for improved filtration. Both these styles come with add-ons like ice pinches that cools down the smoke easily. Thus, offers a better smoking experience.