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A Friend Indeed was founded in 1984 by Janine O’Leary Cobb, author of Understanding Menopause. Under her stewardship, the newsletter has become a well-known source of understandable and reliable information about the menopause transition — covering a range of concerns and resources that enable women to better manage this special time in their lives.

At one extreme, there are those who believe that, without hormone therapy, every woman in midlife is doomed to heart attack and brittle bones. At the other are those that believe that hormone therapy is poison.

A Friend Indeed has staked out the middle ground. Hormone therapy is a godsend and eminently appropriate for SOME women, but certainly not ALL women. There are alternative remedies that can be equally effective in relieving the nuisance complaints of the average menopausal woman and some of these alternative remedies are more gentle to the system. The decision about whether to do anything, or take anything, to alleviate menopausal complaints is highly individual and can best be made by a woman who knows her own and her family’s medical history, her own body, and the options available to her.

That’s what A Friend Indeed is all about.

Have a look at our back issue on progestins and progesterone. Our Introductory Issue explains how the newsletter was born and why. With it comes a list of available back issues and an order form — one tailored for Canada and one for the U.S.A. If you want to do some more in-depth reading about menopause, check out our book reviews.

A Friend Indeed is a “support group through the mail” and joining is easy. For $30.00 a year, you will receive eight issues (August/September, October, November, December/January, February, March/April, May, and June/July) of our 8-page newsletter.


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