Getting Pregnant & The Nesting Phase

PregnancyWhen my wife got pregnant she was definitely in a nesting phase or so I thought. But it turned out that she was just naturally that way all the time. I’m not kidding, but anyway, for the rest of the women out there who get these sudden changes in their thoughts and desires, there is a way to cope with this potentially constructive vitality. It’s not as abnormal as some people (especially men) may think because other animals are fond of a nesting phase as well – such as cats, dogs and even hamsters. Let’s take a closer look at how to channel this stage in a pregnant mother’s life into something advantageous.

Depending on the frame of mind of the woman, getting the “nest” cleaned up might be the first task she will want to tackle. If you are the man and reading this then you should be sure to remain by your partner’s side as she is about to get the furniture moved and things vacuumed as well as the floors and windows scrubbed down. Be sure to help her out as much as you can, she’s pregnant after all! You might have to be the one to restrain her a little as well, being as she will likely be inspired to do far more than she should at this time. Read more…

How To Deal with Menopause

MenopauseThe subject of menopause is the bane of countless women across the planet. For all the women that have gone through their adult lives fretting that they will be childless, menopause is the final nail in the coffin of their hopes. It is however an existing reality and should always seriously be considered at some point in a woman’s life – even before it actually occurs. In support of women who either welcome menopause or dread it, the following insight is fashioned to aid women in coping with this cycle of their lives.

For people who do not understand menopause, it’s a subject that shouldn’t be taken too lightly as it is a sensitive issue for many. Some women handle it much better than others and a little bit of comfort during such a time can really go an extra mile. With menopause there are a few signs and symptoms that may require some easing, so being educated on this matter will be quite worthwhile in the end. Read more…

Husband Lost His Job? How You Can Deal With The Stress

StressThe stress that promptly arrives on your doorstep after losing your livelihood is very real. This can be especially serious when it has happened to you personally and your scale of life has been completely tilted off balance. But what should be done when your spouse loses their job instead of you? The impact can still be greatly felt but it automatically places you in the role of having to become a reinforcement of sorts or a sympathizer. What are the best ways to cope with and help your loved one through this bothersome dilemma? Please continue reading for some tips and recommendations that we hope can help you out.

Quite often when it’s the husband that has lost his job his pride may be struck to the heart. It seems only natural that he has been branded as the “provider” for the family which makes losing a job all the more overwhelming. If there are children in your family that are old enough to grasp the concept of this loss then they may also demand some confidence and support as well. It would be unwise to neglect and forget about another area that job loss will affect and that’s the marriage or relationship. All of these areas will need to be strengthened when job loss hits the home. Read more…

How To Diagnose And Recover From an Eating Disorder

Eating DisorderFor many of us who can just seem to eat whatever we want and whenever we want without consequences, it’s quite possible that we don’t grasp the full seriousness of eating disorders or those who suffer with them. There can be numerous causes for bulimia, anorexia and binge eating disorders and none of these conditions should be taken lightly – as hospitalization and death can sometimes be the final outcome. If you know someone that may be on the road to an eating disorder then it’s best to be informed about how they are diagnosed and more importantly how that person can recover from it. By no means is the following information exhaustive on these eating disorders but it should be educational all the same.


Binge Eating Disorders

Let it be known that there are people who just really like to self indulge with food and yet they do not have an “eating disorder.” Rather, they may have another issue which we shall not discuss at this time. With all seriousness nonetheless, some of the signs you should be mindful of are those who begin to develop some emotions of strong guilt and shame when they have just engaged in a binge eating activity. You should also be on the lookout for those who engage in recurring outbreaks of huge amounts of food intake without having any show of concern for weight gain. These individuals will not even reveal any signs of self-induced vomiting either. If that person is not even hungry and will eat to the point of distress and irritation – especially when eating alone – you might very well be justified in becoming concerned that they are binge eating. Read more…

Obestity and its Effect on Your Health and Lifestyle

Obesity isn’t the same thing as being a little overweight it is a serious medical condition that can affect your health and your lifestyle in a number of different ways.


  • Difficult to find nice clothes that fit properly
  • Difficult to find a seat that will take your weight and size
  • Discomfort and pain during normal activities, such as walking, carrying your shopping, driving or climbing the stairs
  • Feelings of worthlessness and lack of self-esteem and confidence
  • Lack of social life because you have no confidence
  • Insults and disparaging comments made by others can be devastating


The extra fat in your body needs more oxygen, which, in turn, requires more blood to circulate. This puts a strain on the heart and on the artery walls, causing your blood pressure to rise.

  • Diabetes

The most common cause of diabetes, especially Type 2, is obesity. Your blood sugar cannot regulate itself and tends to rise above safe levels because your body resists the naturally produced insulin.

  • Heart Disease

Obese people are more prone to problems with their heart, such as atherosclerosis, angina, and coronary artery disease, not to mention more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke.

  • Problems with Joints

Osteoarthritis is a common condition in obese people. The extra weight is putting a strain on the joints in the hips and knees. Surgery is rarely an option on an obese person because the artificial joint will not last, will come loose and may cause further damage.

Other conditions that may be caused by obesity include problems sleeping and breathing properly; obesity is a contributing factor in some cancers, such as breast, uterus, gallbladder and colon. 

The first thing to do is change your lifestyle to one that is better and healthier. Your diet must be looked at and an exercise plan drawn up. You should seek advice from your doctor and nutritionist before you start though as they will work out a plan that suits you.

For those who have managed to lose the weight and are left with folds of flabby unsightly skin, there is a solution.  I found a number of useful websites, including this one that has ItWorks Body Wraps reviews – a solution that can work and will make you feel so much body.

3 Ways that Pregnancy Effects Oral Health

Pregnancy brings multiple changes in the body of a women, while most focus largely on their diet and the baby's health they forget that their oral health needs equal amount of attention. There are a lot of changes that are taking place in the teeth and gums of a pregnant woman, here are a few that have been listed along with how the conditions can be treated and avoided. 

There is an oral health condition called pregnancy gingivitis which elevates when a woman is expecting a baby. The symptoms are that gums become more redder in color and tend to become sensitive. While brushing teeth, women experience bleeding from their gums and their teeth are more prone to getting shocks from cold and hot liquids and foods. The increased hormone levels are some of the basic reasons behind the changes in oral health. It is advised to get a formal check up done at the early stages of pregnancy, so that professional cleaning of the teeth can be done and avoidance of bacteria formation can take place. Some of the best Arizona Dentists can be seen here who are known for their exceptional services and treatment for gingivitis. 

Erosion of Tooth Enamel 
High level of hormones also lead to nausea and morning sickness in most pregnant women. The occasional vomiting tends to increase the acidity or pH level in the mouth which leads to erosion of the teeth. It is preferred to rinse the mouth with a specially designed mouth rinse that decreases the pH level of the mouth and reduces the chances of erosion of teeth. Several women brush their teeth right after vomiting which increases teeth erosion, it is advised to wait for a while until the pH level reduces and then rinse or brush teeth for cleaning it properly. 

Pregnancy Granuloma
A small percentage of women experience the growth of small muscle mass in their mouth during the second trimester of their pregnancy. It can grow near the upper line of gum or any other place of the mouth. Although it is not cancerous or dangerous, but it bleeds easily and causes discomfort. One of the primary factors of granuloma is known as poor oral hygiene care, one must take care of their brushing, flossing and rinsing habits to avoid this condition. The granuloma can be treated by dentists, although they disappear after the delivery of the baby. 

Give Your Confidence a Much-Needed Boost

Depression and anxiety is a serious business, for both men and women. It affects your day to day life, how you feel about things and how you see yourself.  Sometimes, a confidence booster can be just the thing to help you back on your feet, even if it is only a temporary measure.

Confidence is not just about how you are looking but if you look good, and you know that you are looking good, you tend to feel better about yourself. When others give you compliments, it boosts your confidence and, if you know that you look good it becomes easier to talk to other people in a face-to face situation.

One place to start is with your hair. Many women who suffer from some form of anxiety or depression do tend to let their appearance go and having a new hairdo can make all the difference.

Add Volume, Gain Confidence

Using a curling iron is an inexpensive way to boost your hair and your confidence. Make sure you choose the best curling iron – loads of useful information here – to suit your hair type.  Curling irons can be used in a number of ways for loose, floppy curls, for a tight waterfall of curls or just to add a bit of wave and volume.  The best thing about it only takes a matter of minutes to change your appearance completely.

How to Find the Right Curling Iron or Wand

If you are convinced that changing your hairstyle can make you feel and look better then it’s time to choose the right one for your needs.  Be aware that not all curling irons and curling wands were created equal – they are different sizes and different styles, each one for a specific look.

You want one that heats up in good time and you want one that matches your hair – think about the length and how thick your hair is.

Be aware that curling irons and curling wands are not the same thing – curling wands are clipless and are a little more difficult to get the hang of. However, trying to learn how to use one is something for you to get your teeth into, a way of forgetting about the worries of the world, even if it is only for a short while.

If you decide that a curling wand is the way for you then head to this website for more information on the best curling wand to buy.

Look Good, Feel Good

Nobody needs to suffer with depression and anxiety alone. There are plenty of medical professionals and support groups who can help you through each day.  Self-help is one of the most important aspects of dealing with depression though – you need to be able to learn a few techniques that will get you through each hour, each day and eventually longer term.

It is a long slow road but little things like changing your appearance can be of tremendous benefit and, once you start, once you see how much better you are, you will be inspired to carry on.

Getting the Most of Botox

For a lot of women, Botox is a life saver. It not only erases wrinkles, it also lifts self-confidence and self-esteem. Botox is an affordable, temporary solution for wrinkles. Wrinkles are removed without surgery via an out-patient procedure which takes mere minutes to perform.

Through the simple procedures of injecting Botox on small portions of wrinkles, the adjoining muscles relax and stop contracting. This smoothens and evens out the wrinkles in a natural manner. Botox starts to take effect immediately, and reaches its full wrinkle-free skin in a matter of days. The skin stays wrinkle-free between 6 to 9 months.

There are now a lot of other methods for clearing wrinkles. These new methods however are more expensive, and take a longer time to work. In addition, there are some limitations and guidelines for these procedures to work. For some, the patient would not be able to spend too much time under the sun. For other procedures, the skin would be too sensitive. These are usually not options for a Botox user. Except for initial care, and some simple rules to follow for the first day, Botox takes effect without any other problem. With proper treatment, the muscles are trained to relax, and there would be less need of injections. The first time the injections are repeated can be from 6 to 9 months after the initial doses. After that, with judicious attention, the succeeding injections can be give every 9 months. Regular treatment at a clinic offering Botox in Eldorado Hills can make sure that a woman is always wrinkle free.

Lately, there have been some reported problems which were encountered by Botox users. These problems stem from the over-zealousness of users who go through Botox injections too frequently. This has resulted in some muscle immunity from Botox. Botox is derived from a common toxin. In small doses, it relaxes the muscles. However, after a while the toxin loses its effect. After it has lost its efficacy, the patient can have another round of Botox injections. Some users go through up to 4 rounds of Botox injections per year. This has made their muscles more immune to the toxin, and would need more injections.

The latest method of Botox injections call for less toxin per dose, but more injection sites. This method spreads the toxin to the muscle which result in less immunity. Because the doses are smaller, the muscles do not really lose immunity to the toxin. In addition, spreading out the toxin to more muscle increases effectivity in fighting wrinkles. For the latest in wrinkle-free treatments, consult with an expert who handles botox dermal filler in Omaha.

Like any medication, there may some side effects. Some patients encounter headaches within one to two days after the procedure. Other patients encounter eyelid droop. This is usually caused by the toxin moving around the muscle and causing the eyelid muscles to relax. To prevent eyelid drooping, the patient is advised not to rub the affected area. They are also not allowed to lie down from 3 to 4 hours after the treatment.
As a general warning, pregnant or lactating women are not allowed to have the procedure. Those suffering from neurological disorders are not allowed to undergo the procedure. Botox is only advised for forehead wrinkle and crow’s feet. Those who would want to go through the treatment are advised to consult with a doctor.

Lowering Breast Cancer Risk

According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women. Even in the developing countries, there is an increasing number of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This increase is mainly attributed to factors such as urbanization, longer life expectancy and the adoption of a modern but unhealthy lifestyle.

Years of scientific research and the advancement in medical technology have resulting in several treatment options being available to women with breast cancer. These treatments range from surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy to chemotherapy. Among these, chemotherapy has the most uncomfortable side effects, which can include nausea, fatigue, hair and nail loss, and early menopause. Some health care providers, in an effort to make patients better able to cope with the disease, have developed a system of providing chemotherapy treatments in the comfort of the home. You can read more about chemo at home on this site.

Although the chances of breast cancer survival have significantly improved over the years especially with early detection, breast cancer is still a concern for most women and should be prevented as much as possible. Even if one is genetically predisposed to this type of cancer, there are steps that a woman can take to reduce her risk.

The preventive measures to be taken are all about lifestyle. This includes avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol intake. Medical experts state that the more alcohol a woman consumes, the greater the cancer risk. For those who enjoy drinking on a regular basis, consumption should not be more than one drink in a day. Smoking, on the other hand, negatively impacts the overall health in addition to increasing one’s probability of contracting breast cancer. This is particularly true for premenopausal women.

Maintaining a healthy weight is another way of lowering breast cancer risk. Women who are overweight are more prone not just to breast cancer but to a host of other diseases as well. The risk becomes even greater if the weight gain comes after menopause. To avoid this from happening, it is advisable to be physically active. Exercises should include both moderate and vigorous aerobic activity as well as twice-a-week strength training sessions at the very least. Although there isn’t conclusive evidence to show that a diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables prevents breast cancer, eating well can help a women maintain her weight and contributes to overall health. In addition to being physically healthy, it is also to a woman’s advantage to be emotionally healthy as well, since emotions can affect physical well-being. This can be achieved by learning to cope with stress by learning yoga or meditation, engaging in a hobby or maintaining nurturing relationships with friends and family.

Although these steps are helpful, they do not guarantee a hundred percent prevention. Thus, on top of being physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle, it is also very important to be vigilant in detecting breast cancer. The presence of lumps of changes in skin color should be sufficient cause to consult a doctor immediately.

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle requires discipline and commitment, as it is so much easier to indulge in unhealthy habits than to avoid them. Nevertheless, for women who want to live a long and healthy life, the effort will be well worth it.

Pregnancy Symptoms that Need to be Acknowledged Immediately

Pregnant women are often given extensive guides and tips by their gynecologists, friends and support groups with regards to their health, the dos and donts of pregnancy and how to identify if it is an emergency. However, despite of the many health related symptoms that are shared, here are a few that need to be revised repeatedly, in case these occur one should acknowledge them immediately as well. While pregnancy comes with many pleasant and unpleasant surprises, if any of the following incidents occur, seek a doctor right away. 

Vaginal Bleeding
Usually women who are pregnant for the first time experience slight spotting or bleeding in the first trimester. This is considered as a normal symptom and there is no need to be frantic about it. On the other hand, if a strong rush of pain on one side of the tummy is accompanied by large amount of dark colored vaginal bleeding, seek your doctor's advice right away. This is one of the signs of ectopic pregnancy. Also, if vaginal bleeding takes place with a persistent abdominal and back pain, it is a sign of miscarriage and one must rush to the doctor without any delay. 

Blurry Vision with Flashing Spots
Some of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia include blurry vision, dimming of lights and colors, flashing spots and double vision. In case you have been experiencing the same symptoms before your pregnancy, then first consult your doctor and then visit a certified and recognized eye care facility. One of the best eye care consultation is done at Cedar Park Eye Care, details can be seen here. If your doctor assures you that there are no chances of a pre-eclampsia then stay calm and get the proper eye treatment. However, it is important to take notice of these health conditions during pregnancy as they can prove to be fatal in the long run. 

Fluid Leaking from Vagina
A full term pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks, many pregnant women experience labor pains before their full term. If there is a large quantity of fluid discharge from the vagina, chances are that the water bag might have broken before time. Since this water is detrimental for the baby's health, one must immediately make a visit to the hospital and consult their doctor. 

Baby Joy – Sarah’s Success

For some women, the pain of infertility is almost too much to bear and it’s heartbreaking for those of around them as well. I wanted to tell you about my friend Sarah – I have her permission – about how she almost gave up on ever being a mum.

Not Ready Yet

She didn’t want to have children until she was in her thirties – wanted a career and a stab at having a life first.  She also wanted to make she was secure financially as well.  When the time was right, her and her husband, Peter, started trying for a baby. 

They both knew that they perhaps should have started earlier but didn’t see any real reason why they couldn’t wait – after all, women in their forties manage to have healthy children so why shouldn’t they? 

Anyway, they tried and month after month, the result was the same – no pregnancy.  Eventually they went to see a fertility specialist who went through their history carefully. He looked at what might be causing the problems and ran tests on both of them. Peter was fine, his tests came back clear. Sarah’s were a different matter.

The Waiting Game

She had to undergo an ultrasound, which showed up a blockage in one of her fallopian tubes. She was immediately prepared for surgery and the entire tube was taken out. Of course, they were then told their chances of conceiving were now down to 50%. 

The doctor recommended IVF. It wasn’t cheap – it cost her several thousand dollars per attempt. Neither of them realized just how stressful it would be either.   Their endocrinologist managed to harvest around 30 eggs of which 10 were fertilized successfully.  The pregnancy took on the first go and they were over the moon.

Not for long though as it proved to be an ectopic pregnancy. Three more times they tried and three more times they failed. They were about to give up when she asked Peter if they could have just one more go – she said she felt right about it.

After much discussion, Pete eventually gave in and they went for one more go with the last of the frozen eggs. Sarah has just called me to tell me she is pregnant with their first child!  I’m overjoyed for them – I looked up flower delivery in Melbourne and just ordered a huge bunch of flowers to be sent to them!

Modern Anti-Aging Surgical Treatments that are Worth the Try

Everyone wants to maintain a youthful glow. This is the reason why at the earliest signs of aging, people do something right away. There are techniques that work, while some others don’t. Over the years, science has managed to provide breakthroughs in the anti-aging technology. More procedures have been developed to cater to the needs of the society that adores youthfulness. If you wish to make the most out of these breakthroughs, you can choose from the procedures covered in this article.

1. CO2 Fractional Laser Therapy. Carbon dioxide lasers have long been used as a standard in removing wrinkles. However, the problem with these lasers is that patients experience harsh side effects. This modern technology that is also considered as a skin-resurfacing treatment, uses the same technique, but assures patients that no side effects will be experienced. There will also be no complications. It works by putting small holes into the skin which allows the natural collagen to be produced again. It also works in a way that it does not damage the upper layer of the skin. Recovery period is very minimal

2. Wrinkle Injections. This technique has been done a long time ago. However, modern breakthroughs allow a more effective solution. Through this modern method, the same results are achieved. However, the overall appeal is more natural compared with the traditional method. Also, this modern injection may have an effect that will last for several years. It also does not increase risks of having bumps or other complications. Redness and swelling might happen, but it will be very minimal.

3. Vitamin A. The modern method extracts retinoids from Vitamin A. The said substance may increase collagen production and reduce collagen breakdown. There are retinol lotions available. There are also injections. According to those who have tried the lotion, visible results can be seen in 24 weeks.

4. Antioxidants. This has been one of the hottest and most popular anti-aging treatments these days. Not only is it effective, it is also a healthy option. Basically, these antioxidants are used to rejuvenate the skin and bring back its healthy glow. They are usually found in natural food sources. Coffee berry is one of the most popular choices these days. It is said to reduce fine lines without necessarily having side effects and skin irritations. According to studies, even just a little of this fruit’s extract is going into the skin, the effects are still massive. The study has a long way to go though.

These are just among the most effective treatments available these days. The best possible option is to contact your surgeon for advice. If you wish to undergo a certain surgical procedure, you need to understand the pros and cons first before making a decision. You also need to consider the overall cost for the said treatment. When you are certain about it, then don’t hesitate to go for it. If you are searching for a clinic in Dallas for anti aging treatments, you can go here. On the other hand, if you want the best facial plastic surgery in Atlanta, you can visit

Is Botox Really Safe for Aging Women?

It has been proven time and time again that Botox injection is safe. However, the very fact that it is derived from botulinum toxin, which is deemed unsafe by many, a lot of people are afraid to try it out. If you are on the same dilemma right now, should you really give it a try? Moreover, is it really effective to fight the signs of aging especially for women?

Growing Popularity

To begin with, the medical use of Botox injection has been approved by FDA since 2002. Since then, the number of patients who have tried it out has rapidly increased. Worldwide, there are over 16 million people who have given this treatment a try. The number has continued to increase over the years and the frequency of patients going in for treatment has also increased. This only means that the people who have tried it out were highly satisfied of the results. It also shows that the injection is effective in fighting the signs of aging.

Clearing the Misconception

One of the reasons why people are afraid of going for Botox injection is that they have this pre-conceived notion about its side effects. However, just to be clear, these side effects are very specific to
certain people. Besides, they were already advised not to take the injection should they have any of those mentioned conditions. For instance, chain smokers and those who have serious medical conditions are not supposed to get injections. Yet, they insist in doing so. Hence, they suffer from side effects. If you are a healthy candidate and you have passed the standards for an ideal candidate, there is nothing to worry about.

Another thing that people worry is that their muscles might be out of control. This could lead to being emotionless. Again, this is another exaggeration thrown at Botox which is totally false. The truth is that the injection will only relax the muscles. It will help clear the fine lines and wrinkles. However, it will not in any way remove your expressions. You will still be able to express happiness and anger.

Is It Painful

Botox injection is a non-invasive procedure. This only means that it won’t be painful and it will not take a long time before you will recover. In fact, once the injection is done, you can start seeing positive results already. The needle used in the procedure is extremely fine. The liquid to be inserted in each area is very minimal. Therefore, it will not cause pain at all.

When it comes to the pain on your pocket, it is also not true. They say Botox injections are expensive. However, the truth is that if you find a reliable surgeon, you can get Botox injection packages for a very cheap price.

Now that you know how safe it is, you have to give it a try. If you want to get Botox in Inland Empire, you can visit this site. If you wish to get Botox in San Diego, please visit

Quick, Healthy, and Sweat-Free: This Vacuum Does it All

Isn’t vacuuming probably the worst chore there ever is? I think so… It’s loud, it’s dirty, hard to do, and takes up a lot of my time (not to mention leaving me sweaty).

The one good thing about vacuums though is they seem to work for decades if you buy a good one. In fact, the one my family has been using had lasted for nearly 18 years! However, just recently it started to pick up less dirt and instead of sucking it up, it would just spread the dirt all around my house. We decided it was time to get a new one. So I started looking online for information about vacuums.

During my research, I also found something truly shocking…

Recent studies have been conducted about the harmful dust and allergens lurking in the corners of people’s homes. With new technology, these studies have been able to discover that there are 1,000 times more harmful dust mites than previously known 15 years ago.

These dust mites are responsible for causing allergies among children and it is hypothesized that early and constant exposure can lead to chronic allergies for children. To combat these newfound dust mites, vacuum manufacturers are now starting to incorporate a new type of filter into their vacuums that is advertised as capturing 99.8% of these dust mites. The new filter is called the HEPA filter.

Finding a HEPA Equipped Vacuum

Now that it has been 18 years, we wanted to see what 2014 had to offer vacuum wise. We couldn’t believe how far they have come! We heard from friends to check out Miele, a premier German brand. Wow they are more expensive than the ones I can find at Walmart, but they said it was worth the investment 10 fold. I trusted my friends, so we looked up Miele canister vacuum reviews online and discovered the model named “Marin” would be perfect for us.

First, Miele is a brand from Germany who creates top tier vacuums with some of the best designs, efficiency, and warranty programs over all other vacuum manufacturers. However, there are many other great vacuum brands that make canister vacuums, such as Dyson and Bissell. If you want to look at a great overview of the best canister vacuum reviews then check out Consumer Vacuums, a site we couldn’t have found our new vacuum without.

When I finally got the Marin to test in my home, it was even better than I had imagined it would be. With the Miele, cleaning and vacuuming is now easier, cleaner, quitter, and even more energy efficient.

Most importantly, our new vacuum also helps improve the quality of the air in the house thanks to the HEPA filter, making the air healthier to breath for my children and I. After using it a few times now, all of us can actually feel the difference in air quality in my house now. Not only do my carpets look and feel cleaner, but we can tell the air seems much more fresh than before.

Hey, it might be a placebo effect, but we know the technology is working and that’s what’s most important. Additionally, I have noticed my kids sneezing a lot less so I know it’s working.

If you’re worried about your children’s allergies and are concerned about the air quality in your house, check out a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. It might just change the way you feel in your home.

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